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Moose Trend Tracker: July

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Of consumers are choosing drink options and beverage brands that they are familiar and comfortable with as they make their way back to social events, bars and restaurants.

( CGA, July 2021)

People are drinking across categories and occasions. Only about


of consumers consider themselves just wine consumers - instead they drink hard seltzer, cocktails, and wine - depending on what sounds interesting in the moment. 

(Wine-searcher, July 2021)

Sports & Fitness

17 Million

Viewers watched the NBC platform’s (i.e., network, stations, apps) coverage of the 2021 Olympics opening ceremony, the lowest viewership in 33 years. 

Despite the lower viewership at the opening, Molly Solomon, NBC’s Olympic executive producer notes that they believe the fanless Olympics will allow them to, “bring viewers closer to the action than ever.” She says viewers will, “hear the sounds of the games like you’ve never heard them before - from the thrashing and splashing in the pool to these intimate conversations between competitors and coaches.”  

(NYPost, July 2021)



Of homeowners under age 40 are considering selling their homes within the next three years, which is a significant increase from 22% in 2020. 

However, most homeowners tend to be middle-aged or older, with only 13% of homeowners in their thirties and 17% in their forties. 

(Zillow, July 2021)



Of American consumers are using online marketplaces to shop, while Gen Z lags far behind in this trend with just 37% using online marketplaces. 

Millennials are most willing to shop using technology: 

  • 48% of millennials are willing to try livestream shopping online.
  • 35% of millennials are interested in trying clothes on virtually.
  • 32% of millennials would apply makeup virtually before buying.

(CGS, July 2021)

Entertainment News


That’s how many subscribers Netflix lost in the U.S. and Canada in the second quarter of 2021. And there is no sign of recovery.

In the same announcement, the company issued a weaker-than-expected forecast for the rest of the year, predicting only 3.5 million subscribers to be added in Q3 versus the original 5.9 million expected.

(ars, July 2021)

Meanwhile, NBC will likely be judging its success during this year’s Olympics by the number of subscribers it gains for its owned streaming service Peacock. Some of the most popular events in this year’s Games have only been available to view live on Peacock. 

(Axios, July 2021)



Of U.S. workers say companies should be taking action to address society’s problems - and more employees than ever would rather look elsewhere than work at a firm they’re not proud of, according to a survey conducted by Atlassian Corporation with PwC Australia. 

Employee priorities have shifted, as more individuals expect corporations to have  a firm stance on racial injustice, and climate change according to Atlassian’s co-founder and co-CEO, Mike Cannon-Brooks. 

(Fast Company, July 2021)

Collabs And Partnerships

Cheetos partnered with Bad Bunny to introduce a fashion e-commerce experience. 

While the official gear, a limited edition Adidas capsule, will be released on August 6th, the brand is creating excitement and engagement by asking fans to visit the Cheetle iD website to unlock the swag earlier. Fans can scan their fingers after eating Cheetos, and the website will detect if there is in fact “cheetle,” or cheddar dust, on their fingertips. 

Apparel collaborations are continuously on the rise with other brands like Panera and Vizzy also creating hype this way. 

The campaign overall is an extension of the Deja Tu campaign with Bad Bunny. To continue this messaging they are kicking off the DejatuHuella TikTok Challenge, asking students to show how they are “leaving their mark” on their community or world. Ten students will be awarded $50,000 toward educational costs. 

(Adage, July 2021)

Brands Should...

Consider how to continue bringing the indoors out… 

“I don’t feel consumers are going to immediately be ready to return to indoor settings in the coming year or so. Therefore, we as marketers need to rethink the way we create experiences for consumers outdoors, whether that relates to dining, movies, concerts, trade shows and more.” - Christopher Conolly, senior vice president of marketing, San Diego Padres

(Adweek, July 2021)

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