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Moose Trend Tracker: March 2022

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Of those surveyed said they consume flavored beverages to treat themselves, according to the 2022 Flavor Trends Report. Additionally, 26% of those surveyed are interested in non-alcoholic beverages inspired by cocktails. 58% of adults in the U.S. say they like to try new flavors, which speaks to the larger trend toward increased consumer interest in unique flavors and ingredients. 

(T. Hasegawa, March 2022)

Sports & Fitness


Is the amount spent in USD by an unlucky Tom Brady fan who bought what should have been the football star’s “final” touchdown pass ball. Just six weeks after retiring, the Buccaneers quarterback came back out of retirement and announced he wasn’t done playing. Like the rest of the sports world, Tom Brady’s social media team was also shocked by his coming out of retirement. In fact, they only had 30 minutes to prepare for the announcement post, which immediately began trending on social media as people responded both positively and jokingly about his return to the sport.

(FoxSports, March 2022)



Of student loan borrowers aren’t ready to start payments in May. Nearly 27% of borrowers also say that they will most likely never be financially able to make payments again.Many of them say that rising inflation is the main concern for not being able to afford their monthly loan payments.

(Fox Business, March 2022)



Of fashion and jewelry buyers are interested in participating in the metaverse, according to GWI. Fashion and apparel brands are already beginning to hop on this trend, and the first ever Metaverse Fashion Week took place March 24-27. 

But digital landscapes like the Metaverse require digital wallets for transactions, placing even greater importance upon consumer familiarity with cryptocurrency and the use of blockchain. 

(GWI, March 2022)

Entertainment News


Of Disney+ viewers are younger than 25, compared to just 28.5% of all CTV users being under 25 years old. Netflix also skews toward younger viewers, with 31.8% of all Netflix viewers under 25. This breakdown comes as no surprise, seeing as Disney+ has been heavily marketed toward children as well as young adults looking to revisit the nostalgia that comes with rewatching the shows and movies of their childhoods.

(eMarketer, March 2022).



Trended on Twitter after the British singer Harry Styles released a video hinting at his new album. The album cover, which featured Styles wearing ballet flats, was the center of a lot of discussion. 

The ballet flats stood out to many fans as Ballet Core has started to make a comeback in the fashion world. Recently, many luxury design houses and celebrities, including MiuMiu and Angelina Jolie, are embracing the aesthetic. Styles himself has also been known to embrace breaking gender stereotypes, releasing his own line of nail polish called Pleasing in 2022.

(Tag24, March 2022 / WMagazine, March 2022 / PageSix, March 2022)


The recent Ralph Lauren x HBCU clothing collaboration designed with the help of alumni from Morehouse and Spelman colleges was met with both praise and criticism. While many people were happy with the final looks, many condemned the collection for having a “civil-rights era” aesthetic. 

This criticism comes as many students are still protesting racial justice and are skeptical of brands that have recently started to support these historically Black institutions. The collab follows a $2 million scholarship pledge by Ralph Lauren for students at 12 HBCUs in 2021. 

(The Cut, March 2022 / Mic, March 2022) 

Brands Should...

Put their money where their mouths are. Eight in 10 people surveyed by Gartner say they want to see brands take real action against Russia in light of the conflict in Ukraine. In fact, 60% of people say they would like to see companies reconsider doing business in Russia as a whole. In comparison, only 13% of people wanted brands to make a public statement against Russia. 

This suggests that consumers want to see brands take a stand against Russia financially rather than just support Ukraine through public relations efforts.

(Marketing Dive, March 2022)

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