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Moose Trend Tracker: May

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Hard seltzers are still dominating the alcoholic beverage market, and new brands continue to jump on the trend. Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is releasing his own line of hard seltzers, Hell’s Seltzers, which is currently available in 25 states. However, all four flavors (Berry Inferno, Knicker Twister, Mean Green and That’s Forked) are expected to be distributed nationwide by mid-summer. 

(Beverage Daily, May 2021)

Sports & Fitness


Of video game streaming in Q1 of 2021 took place on the gaming platform Twitch, which has become increasingly popular during the pandemic. Consumer interest in virtual chess also grew exponentially, with fans watching almost 65 million hours of chess live Twitch streams in 2021 so far. 

(Twitchtracker, May 2021 | Marketing Dive, May 2021) 



Of Gen Zers go to social media for financial advice according to a DoSomething Strategic survey, reported by Vogue Business. Gen Zers are taking pride in financial literacy and pursuing entrepreneurship, two things they are tying to their social clout. Josh Richards, TikTok creator, co-founded the investment fund Animal Capital, which is worth $15 million. He states, “It’s the modern form of rebellion - taking financial literacy into our own hands and not letting other people control it for us.” 

(Vogue Business, May 2021)



Of U.S. consumers are expected to spend extra or treat themselves as they start to move out of the pandemic, according to a McKinsey survey. Around half of those consumers plan to splurge in categories such as apparel, beauty and electronics, while others are waiting for the pandemic to fully resolve. Once they feel the pandemic is resolved, categories such as travel and dining are where they plan to spend. 

(McKinsey & Company, May 2021)

Entertainment News


Increase in immediate searches for “FRIENDS” by new subscribers to HBO Max since the platform dropped the long-awaited Friends Reunion episode on May 27th. The increase shows that the stunt and demand for reconnecting with the loved characters was successful in driving new sign-ups. 

(Observer, May 2021)



Of American adults aged 18-34 surveyed last month said they’ll likely book a flight in the next year, which was a higher level of air travel intention when compared to other age groups.

  • 44% of American adults plan to vacation in the U.S. within the next year with top destinations including Florida (32%), New York (32%) and California (28%).

(AdAge, May 2021)


Of surveyed consumers state that they plan to “continue eating healthier by preparing lighter, plant-based meals.” Some habits surrounding grocery shopping and dining during the pandemic are ones that people believe they will maintain long-term. According to Instacart sales data, a third of Instacart customers purchased plant-based meat or milk products, which showcases support for shifting toward a more plant-based lifestyle overall.
(Instacart, May 2021)

Collabs & Partnerships

Heineken USA recently teamed up with navigation app Waze for an ad campaign in California. The campaign worked to discourage drunk driving ahead of the Memorial Day weekend and the state’s reopening on June 15th. By targeting stationary drivers heading to social venues, including parks, restaurants and sports stadiums, they hope to be a prominent reminder to have fun, safely. 

(Marketing Dive, May 2021)

Brands Should...

Look at influencer marketing as a long-term investment. “...As the travel industry looks to bounce back, it could potentially see influencers as a quick way to get to that end goal,” said Jenna Isken, associate director of experience at Siegel+Gale, “but the ones that are going to succeed are going to figure out how to make this a large part of their brand experience approach going forward.” 

(Morning Consult, May 2021)

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