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Moose Trend Tracker: November

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Of people say that they want to reduce their alcohol consumption this holiday season. This desire to decrease consumption may stem from how alcohol impacts the holiday experience when celebrating with family. Nearly 58% of consumers say that their family drinks too much during holiday gatherings and 54% say that a family member has had to apologize for their drunken behavior. 

(YahooFinance, November 2021)

Sports & Fitness

1 Billion

Peloton classes have been taken, a number that grew rapidly when people needed to bring their workout into their homes throughout the pandemic. While Peloton’s sales have slowed, the brand has partnered with Spotify to create additional avenues of interaction with their fanbase, and potential new buyers. The collaboration is launching with a “Curated by Peloton” shelf on Spotify’s “Workout Hub.” Any Spotify user can enjoy playlists from seven different, rotating, Peloton instructors. The app also launched a “Find Your Instructor” quiz to help listeners find which of the Peloton instructors and musical tastes jive with their own. 

(TechCrunch, November 2021) 

(Pelobuddy, November 2021)



Of U.S. millennials started investing before age 21 according to a study released by CFA Institute and FINRA Investor Education Foundation. This is much higher than the 9% of Baby Boomers and 14% of Gen Xers. Many millennial investors with more than $100,000 in savings have different goals and expectations for their savings as well—95% state they want to ‘use their financial capital for socially responsible investment’. This showcases that they are not only purchasing products from brands that align with their values, but also choosing to invest in companies that serve those interests. Two-thirds of that group own stock and 57% report that they have sold stock when they don’t believe a company is acting ethically toward society and the planet. 

(Yahoo! November 2021) 

(CFA Institute, November 2018)



Of shoppers say that social media will be influencing their shopping lists this holiday season. This is especially true for younger shoppers, with 87% of Gen Z saying they will look toward social platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram for holiday gifting inspiration. This shift isn’t surprising, as nearly half of consumers are expecting to increase online spending compared to 2020. Brand loyalty is also changing this holiday season, with nearly 70% of consumers saying they have switched retailers or brands when an item they wanted to buy was out of stock instead of waiting for it to become available again. 

(McKinsey, November 2021)

Entertainment News

188 Million

People have subscribed to Disney+, but new subscriptions have stalled since the initial launch of Disney’s subscription streaming service. Disney took a strategy from Amazon’s playbook by launching the first-ever Disney+ Day on November 12th. The limited time promotion allowed new and returning subscribers to join for just $2 in the first month of membership. An additional perk for current subscribers who have access to Disney’s parks included early entrance into parks, 30 minute prior to public opening. Disney’s goal is to reach 230 million - 260 million subscribers by 2024. 

(Variety, November 2021) 



Of Americans planned a Thanksgiving celebration this year with people outside of their immediate family. Almost 20% planned to travel locally to be with family and friends; still only 6% planned to travel by plane, and a quarter of people planned to celebrate with only the people in their household, according to Ipsos. The comfort level of social gatherings for the holidays has increased since last year, but 54% of Americans say they expect all people in attendance to be vaccinated. 

(Ipsos, November 2021) 

Collabs and Partnerships

4 Million

U.S. children under age 3 have never been read to in their lifetime, according to a report by Ohio State University. To help bring storytime to more families, Pampers utilized augmented reality on Snapchat to allow parents to unlock a collection of children’s stories such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and Peter Rabbit. Parents simply have to scan Pampers’ logo or visit their Public Profile on Snapchat to gain access. The goal was to create accessibility to books across the country, enabling 28 million people on Snapchat to participate. In addition to children’s classics, Pampers also created a living, breathing library of children’s books that celebrate cultural moments like Pride month with the book The ABC’s of Pride

(Snapchat, November 2021)

Brands Should...

Remember that although a greater return to normalcy is happening, the pandemic is still very top of mind for Gen Z and Millennial consumers —and still impacting their realities. Over half of young consumers plan to have smaller gatherings this year, despite a decline in those who expect holiday celebrations to be harder because of COVID-19.

 (YPulse, November 2021)

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