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Moose Trend Tracker: September

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Of U.S. consumers state that they have been buying groceries online more often, a statistic that supports the prediction that online grocery shopping is here to stay. Recognizing and continually leveraging the impact that this shift has had on consumers, DoorDash has finally announced they will start delivering beer, wine and spirits via DoorDash Marketplace. The new initiative will reach over 100 million customers worldwide. 

(Craft Brewing Business, September 2021)

Sports & Fitness


Of viewers following the Paralympics in the U.S. are watching it on cable or satellite television, while one in three (32%) are catching the action via live streams. However, an identical study on the Olympics a few weeks ago found that cable or satellite TV had even higher levels of consumption than online streaming. 

(YouGov, July 2021)



Of U.S. businesses surveyed last year said they expect to start using faster payments, with 90% of the big businesses on board for that change. In comparison, fewer than 60% of micro businesses plan to use faster payments anytime soon. The majority of the businesses surveyed did use some form of faster payment in the past year, usually digital wallets, same-day service offered through the national ACH Network or a push-to-debit-card payment service. 

(Payments Dive,  September 2021)



Is the expected increase in retail sales for the year-end holiday season, according to Mastercard. This prediction comes into play due to the rise in e-commerce sales and in-store sales, especially those in the luxury jewelry department. 

(Payments Dive, September, 2021)

Entertainment News

15 Million

Viewers watched the exclusive 2021 Met Gala livestream on Vogue.com and the magazine’s Twitter account. This number includes all global views of the video (live and VOD), and across Twitter. Agnes Chu, president of Conde Nast Entertainment, stated that, “Vogue’s Met Gala coverage delivered like never before, with original video content leading up to the night, covering the event itself and generating ongoing cultural impact around the world.” The numbers show that people tuning in are here for the additional background content, interviews and time with celebrities backstage. 

(Variety, September 2021)



Or 1 in 4 childless adults say that climate change plays a role in the reason they do not currently have children. Hispanics, young people and adults living in the West are most likely to factor climate change into their reproductive decisions according to a poll conducted by Morning Consult. These facts have led to a larger conversation taking place on a global scale. 

Meghan Kallman and Josephine Ferorelli started hosting “Will you or won’t you?” parties, stating that the conversation surrounding the question is the important part, while a small number of women in the UK have launched a “birth strike” in response to ecological devastation. 

(The Atlantic, September 2021) 

(The Morning Consult, September 2021)

Collabs And Partnerships

Naomi Osaka recently launched KINLÒ, her new skincare line of sun care products specifically designed for melanated skin. Osaka decided to create her own brand as she noticed a gap in the marketplace. 

Celebrity backed ventures and creations are becoming increasingly mainstream as the combination typically aligns with an area in the marketplace that is missing a key point of communication or product offering. Other examples include Rihanna’s Fenty, Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs, Selena Gomez’s RARE Beauty and Pharrell’s Humanrace. 

(High Snobiety, September 2021)

Brands Should...

Seek to call people to action. Versed President Melanie Bender spearheaded CodeRed4Climate, a national grassroots event that took place during Climate Change Week to provide education and encourage action surrounding the existential climate crisis. 

Bender stated, “It sends a very powerful message, [when we are] willing to stop what we’re doing for the day, put our businesses and teams on pause, and shift gears to focus on something that is of greater need...we want to call people [to action,] rather than calling them out.” 

(Glossy, September 2021) 

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