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Moosylvania is a branding agency with depth in developing brand positioning strategies across a wide variety of categories, always based on customer insights and market research. 

Our aim, as a branding company, is to uncover what is current within culture, consumerism, and the categories we work on in order to develop branding and design that is both emotional and effective for our client’s consumers. This focus leads to developing a strategy that brings to life creative relevancy our clients can leverage into the future.

Proprietary Research as a Branding Agency

Every year, we conduct proprietary research on consumers and categories, including millennials, millennial moms and finance, in order to better understand how and why people interact with brands. 

Our customer analysis and market research leads to big idea thinking and strategic solutions that move the brand needle from consumer transaction to consumer communities. Due to an ever-changing landscape, we’ve developed a way of working that delivers two-way communication between brands and customers, making your audience feel a part of your brand universe through creative design and execution that allows for conversation, rather than one-way messaging.

Fostering Influence Among Brand Fans

Generating ideas that resonate means fostering influence among brand fans. The way we do this is by looking past our target audience, and focusing on our target’s audience. Igniting ideas that are share-worthy, means supporting the type of content that our audience would deem worthy of sharing to their friends and followers, and by doing so, supporting their influence, through relevancy. The relevancy that only your brand can bring to life through the values, missions, and unique positioning within the competitive landscape.

But, effective, long-term, branding isn’t stagnant, which is why our internal drive, keeps us studying, examining, and identifying opportunities to bring the best branding to the companies we partner with. The types of opportunities and ideas that not only speak the same language as your audience but that are the natural intersection of the company and the consumer.

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